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What's really confusing, over the last couple years there are companies like PSA, Spikes, Scionics, etc that offer Colt-like quality for DPMS/Bushmaster prices. As the word about these gets out more I do think quality has to go up across the board. For example, last year I bought a $700 PSA that compares very favorably with my BCM and Daniel Defense - which brings up a double edged question: why pay more when with PSA you can get similar quality for less - and more to the point: why pay the same money for DPMS when PSA gives much higher quality?

BTW, PSA (Palmetto State Armory) is made in your home state!
I agree.

PSA and Spikes have made lesser-quality and higher-priced brands like DPMS and Bushmaster pretty much pointless IMHO.

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