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Buck, there's no question there are drawbacks to RDS and lasers. I'm a point shooter and just don't think night sights will do me any good, but if they will work for you, then that's fine.

Everybody cuts this pie in the way that makes sense to them. My sense is that with a failed laser out to seven yards away from home in a SD situation, point shooting is fine with a semi-auto, less with a revolver. Farther out, I'll need sights, but with that much room, I'll be a departing, moving target and hard to hit.

For me, night sights don't make sense. I think they make the most sense for law enforcement with partners on hand to maintain situational awareness while the shooters are focusing on their front sights. Again, for me, I won't have a partner and will have to maintain situational awareness myself, and that means focusing on the threat, not the sights. I understand this is not the standard view these days, however, and don't expect many converts to this viewpoint.
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