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Originally Posted by Brian Pfleuger
The trouble, I think, is the same as with so many other things. Issues are not defined and the respondents are not necessarily educated on the topic. So, the opinions are uniformed.
Indeed. I would guess that most respondents to any random poll about gunshows have never been to one.

I am certain that most people who weigh in on internet discussions of background checks do not understand the current arrangement. Is a randomly contacted person, who may have never contemplated the issue before being contacted by a pollster, likely to be more informed? If you let me write the poll questions, I could likely show wide support for eroding or abolishing the entire Bill of Rights.

If most NRA members do support UBCs, this speaks to the wide membership of the organisation.

Originally Posted by rifleman1952
I sincerely believe that the senators who voted against the Manchin-Toomey bill, were receiving phone calls and letters from their constituents, by large majorities, in opposition to the bill.
Given the potential problems with this amendment and that it is presented in the aftermath of a political hysteria, a "Don't just do something! Stand there!" position seems prudent.

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