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Guess we're lucky here in MO, we have a vast number of Conservation Area unmanned outdoor ranges.
They're sort of free-for-all areas, shoot what you want at whatever you want. Your supposed to shoot paper only, but its generally not frowned upon to shoot the usual cans, wood, and whatever so long as its not dangerous or glass and you clean up your mess.
I hear the rangers were writing tickets in Warrenton, but that might have been due to complaints after a vacuum, TV, and other unsuitable bits of junk were shot up and left behind. It was starting to look like a dump there for awhile.

Yep, there are a few odd folks there now and then, but no problems as far as I know.
Mostly just ordinary locals.

I'm a little surprised that rural areas of MN dont have the same kind of free shooting ranges attached to public hunting grounds.
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