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Thanks Bob!
I almost enjoy talking about em as much as I do calling em! Almost!

Have only been chasing them for a few years I am still learning.
So far I have learned that a full grown coyote coyote can just materialize in the middle of the field you are straining your eyes on! Hence the shotgun to every stand!
I have learned that it is possible to call in more coyotes the you have shells in your gun! Hence the extra mag on my belt for the rifle and 9 extra rounds in the stock sleeve.
I have learned that coyotes are not the predators you can encounter while out in the woods! Hence the S&W M&P on my hip at all times!
It is a bit cliche but my wife, after seeing the amount of ammo and weapons I carry hunting with me, asked me "what are you worried about running into!"

Of course I replied, "nuttin now"!

It looks to me that you have learned well.

I know exactly what you mean about coyotes materializing out of nowhere, more then once I've looked one way then looked back to be staring eye to eye with one.

As for extra ammo, I've been using my AR a lot lately however it's not as accurate as my bolt guns for the longer range shots.
I do like it's quick handling, especially for follow up shots on more then one target, it's also shorter and easier to pack.

I agree about other things in the woods that one might have a close encounter with, that's my reason for packing a handgun.

As I said before keep up the good job and keep posting threads about your hunts.
Good luck and stay safe.

Best Regards
Bob Hunter
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