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I like the newer style .44 Carbine. The one with the magazine. I think of it as a modern Winchester M94. Light and short and easy to carry anywhere. But totally capable of bringing down anything you are likely to want to shoot. I've heard people fuss that there is no extended mag for it but that's just not consistent with the design. It's not a simple single stack. (Rimmed cartridges.) Ruger used their rotary mag design and it works perfectly. You can always carry one or two spares in your pocket. That is one of the good things about .44 Magnum performance out of a rifle though... one shot is nearly always enough. If you go through all five and still have a problem... either you need to aim better or hunt something a lot smaller!

And from a hunting perspective, I actually far prefer that little mag. I want my hunting rifle to have a smooth bottom if possible. Just a heck of a lot easier to carry around in the woods. I can walk around out there for hours and hours and I'm shifting the gun from hand to hand the whole time. (Never going to be able to unsling once a deer pops up right in front of you and takes off running.) I can carry that little .44 with one hand wrapped around the middle quite easily and comfortably.

On the other hand, what gun person doesn't love an original WWII M1 Carbine? My Rock Ola isn't for sale and never will be. Talk about short and light. True, the cartridge leaves something to be desired but reloading for it can at least give you better bullet options. Mine is mainly a fun gun although my wife and children have been trained on it since it fits them better than something like a full size FAL.

IMO, very different rifles when you consider their possible uses.

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