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Finally got off my A __ __ ....

And made the taller sight. I calculated .080 inch taller than the first sight to correct the POI that I experienced last week end.

Made it a little over tall so I can file it down if needed.

Now I need to go back out and see how it shoots.

My Uncle (RIP) was a serious hunter in SE PA. He shot .270 in a Remington and .308 in a Marlin 336. (Factory loads) He always zeroed his deer rifles at 25 yards. He said this put him right on at hunting distances (150 - 250 yards)

So my strategy is to not even try shooting longer than 25 yds until I can get it right. Then I will go out to longer ranges.

I think this 22 barrel has better shooting qualities than the other trapdoor I own which is an uncut and original crown 29 inch barrel. I am thinking I can improve that rifle as a shooter by using the same process I did on this one.

Cutting that barrel did two things:

1. It rid me of the last ten inches of barrel which was in the worst condition

2. It compelled recrowning the barrel

Thoughts anyone?

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