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Doublea A, don't stress about the recoil from a supernova. With the comfortex they don't kick like a mule any more than anything else. (If you are worried about recoil though, I would suggest a gas operated semi as the most likely to damp recoil).

If you are worried about recoil, don't run 3.5" magnums through it. Lots of geese (and I'm sure turkey) have been killed with what might be considered relatively mild 2.75" & 3" loads in days gone by. And let's be honest, most of us in the goose world like the 3.5" shells for the volume of shot they give us (steel needs larger shot size than lead and other alternatives) so it is more about insuring pattern density. Remember, pattern kills. Therefore, a blown, heavy fast load is less useful than a consistent, uniform patterning load.


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