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For me most revolvers with 4" or shorter barrels are no problem with one hand.
This can be expanded to revolvers with longer barrels depending on weight.

Where I start having difficulty with one handed shooting is with some Double Stacked semi automatics. Some like the Glock 20 and 21 are a little hard to get a good grip on for me one handed. No fan of the H&K either. When the grip starts looking like a brick it is not one hand friendly.

Another issue is trigger pull. A really heavy trigger pull is not handy for one handed shooting either.

My answer would be almost all revolvers of reasonable weight.
All 1911 platform handguns.
Most handguns with single stacked magazines.
Double stack semi automatics with smaller grip profiles.

At the Range shooting Defensive Pistol Matches we have some Strong Hand / Weak Hand targets now and again. Talk about groups going to pot. We have gained several new shooters who have just went through concealed carry classes. All are shooting double stack tupperware of one brand or another. What I have notices is shooting one handed the 1911 guys do not have nearly as much trouble grouping as the double stack guys. This could also be affected by the 1911 guys tend to be more experianced shooters. I still think wide body guns are harder to shoot with one hand.

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