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Well as you noticed there is a difference in quality between DPMS and Colt. Does it matter to you, honestly only you can decide that. DPMS aims for a lower price point and if you don't foresee hard use then it probably will do the job. Many of us instead paid $200-300 extra to get something we trust more. Something like Colt, BCM or Daniel Defense.

What's really confusing, over the last couple years there are companies like PSA, Spikes, Scionics, etc that offer Colt-like quality for DPMS/Bushmaster prices. As the word about these gets out more I do think quality has to go up across the board. For example, last year I bought a $700 PSA that compares very favorably with my BCM and Daniel Defense - which brings up a double edged question: why pay more when with PSA you can get similar quality for less - and more to the point: why pay the same money for DPMS when PSA gives much higher quality?

BTW, PSA (Palmetto State Armory) is made in your home state!

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