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? about what Defines "PERMANENT" magazine mod

Hey all I live in CA and there is a 10 round mag limit here . It has been in effect for quite some time . (before the original AWB). If you owned mags that hold more then 10rds before the ban you could keep them and repair them if needed . The fact you can repair your old mags means you can buy high cap mags as long as they are never assembled as a 30rd mag . These are called repair kits and you use the parts from them to fix and or repair your old mags .

Some people buy these repair kits and put some type of stop block in them so they will only except 10 rounds . If you do a mod like this it's my understanding it must be permanent . I here a lot of gun guys say many different things about this issue .

I see things like

if you stick a block of some kind into the mag so it will only except 10rds it becomes a 10/30 rnd mag, if you disassemble the mag to remove the block it still just a legal mag rebuild kit, as long as you DO NOT assemble the mag to hold 30rds it is legal


your actually just taking parts and assembling a 10 round magazine with them since it wasn't a large capacity magazine to start with the permanence letter of the law doesn't logically apply .

Is there not a legal term for having the ability to build or construct something that is illegal to own ? Like owning all the parts to convert a semi auto to full auto . I would think thats why the word permanent is in the wording of the law so you are unable to convert the mag back to a 30rd mag . EDIT : constructive possession is the term

Is there any case law that shows somebody winning a case when he had no real permanence built in to his mods or is this just guys believing what they want to here

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