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@SC4006, thanks ive been thinking about redoing mine ill look into that

@clark, that is some serious commitment to your girl there, ive never seen that done before, ever thought about doing a vid on it so we can see a full view and 360 view?

@sharpenit, first other brass stacker ive seen other than my own, its really an advantage to have it in my opinion.

well so far my mosin hunt yesterday was a bust the big 5 stores all say they are out and dont know when another shipment will be in, said they sold 100 something in like a week and charged 200-600 per rifle, that is crazy, mine was only 109$ on sale, but still anything close to 600 is just crazy imo

ive made a few more mosin lovers after some shot my mosin. but seriously im going to need to look harder, we have a fair amount of mosin users here, and i want those who are new and interested in one to find one, but i haven't a clue were to look scept a few of the private gunstores i know

also side note, ive got a archangel stock on they way so ill get new picks of it up when i have time
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