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I did a rebarrel job for a friend of mine in Nevada some years ago. I used a 1-9 twist barrel (I may have been a 1-8, but it's been long enough now I can't remember for sure) in a 22-250 to replace his shot-out 1-14 twist barrel.
He’s using 69 grain Sierra bullets and has also tried some 75 grain bullets and he’s of the opinion it’s the best combination he’s ever used in the 22-250.

He’s a very dedicated coyote hunter as well as a target competitor at his local gun club, and he’s getting better results at 600 yds and farther than ever before.

So that may be something for you to consider in your rebarrel job.
A 1-8 or 1-9 twist may be something to think about.
If you were to do that you could marry the tighter twist rifle to a long bullet and get another rifle in the standard twist to do all you are currently doing with the rifles you have. Cover every base so-to-speak
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