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My input...

I'd save up if you can & buy a hand-fit 1911a1 .45acp like a Wilson Combat, Les Baer, DL Sports(Dave Lauck), Cabot, etc.
Some say to avoid the MIM parts too. I'm not a gunsmith or engineer but I can see the valid points.

Colt & S-A(which has many sworn LE agency contracts like the FBI) are highly rated for common brands.
Kimber America sold the most 1911a1 series pistols at one point but they have fallen far & fast in some circles.

I'd snag a custom Cabot left-hander .45acp 1911a1 myself, but they are high end, .
The new Ruger SR1911 was co-designed by noted gunsmith: Wanye Novak, .

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