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I recently ordered a Houston RP11B for my PT145. I've used these for 1911's and other pistols and I like them pretty well. They are essentially a FOBUS with a little different finish and an integral felt-like lining that quiets the rig down and is easier on the gun's finish. The example I have is like this one and it's a good fit to my 3rd Gen PT145. Retention is a little less than the typical FOBUS but probably sufficient for anything short of SPETNAZ reverse back-flip hatchet throwing drills.The basic, unaltered product.

The Houston holster has a lot of sharp edges that are hard on knuckles and just generally interfere with a smooth draw. They are the seam of the paddle attachment , the area at the bottom of the trigger guard and the exterior of the holster at the top of the grip.

I rounded these surfaces, added a smooth angle at the trigger guard and cut away a little material behind it to make room for my middle finger. It made a world of difference in attaining a firing grip quickly.

I chop the paddle off any Houston or Fobus that crosses my path. Make the cut right below the belt hooks and round the corners up. This allows me to just rotate the hooks in behind my belt instead of cramming the whole paddle inside my waistband. I never wear a holster w/o a belt anyway... never trust a man that don’t wear a belt

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