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BuckRub posted
Night sight don't really help too much, IMO but they sell all kind of crap for people who really don't know and who are willing to hand over some money.
It's fine if you don't like night sights, but that claim is a little ridiculous. In fact, it's downright ironic: The vast majority of the people I know in the training industry see it the exact opposite; they would say that most people who buy lasers are people who "really don't know" and are "willing to hand over some money".

In my experience, most people who buy lasers are newer shooters who aren't used to using the normal sights, whereas I don't know a single handgun instructor who uses a laser, but they all use night sights.

For me, laser sights are slower and harder to use because I've always trained myself to focus on the front sight; I much prefer a good set of iron sights. And that's what my Trijicon HDs are: A great set of sights that work fantastic in the daytime. The tritium inserts are only a bonus in my opinion.

But if you shoot well with a laser, then great; each shooter should use whatever works best for them.
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