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Best advice from my experience is for the husband to back away for awhile and get her to an introductory course for guns, women only class. Best classes I ever taught because there were no preconceived notions about how they should do what like you get with mens groups. Just the women. a table full of small handguns and the only powder burnt was my demonstration of the difference between pistol shotgun rifle and black powder being burnt in an ashtray. By the time the first 2 hours was up there were a thousand questions most of which most men would never consider asking.

Again on the range the targets were close large and reactive, balloons, some of them water balloons. No men except me a pastor from their church and a whole mess of women with no pressure. Had to slap the preachers hands a couple of times because he wanted to clear jams and insert stubborn magazines, (stubborn because they were loaded backwards). I made them clear it themselves by explaining what the problem was and then step by step talked them through it. They didn't know me from Adam and had no issues in trying to please me because there was no personal relationship.

If I would have had the time and the guns available I would have started them on air rifles but it worked out fine. The gal who expressed the most trepidation in class asked about joining the club because she had so much fun and couldn't wait to do it again. Baby steps and no pressure caused by trying to please a significant other or compete with each other.
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