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I apologize, FLChinook; that wasn't intended as an insult towards you, though I see how it could be seen that way.

I guess my language was a little harsh. I suppose my point is only that we would all be better off if general education about firearms were more widespread. I see "clip" misused so often during the ongoing media gun debate by the same people who want to ban certain guns because they don't understand them. I guess that to people like me, "clip" represents firearms ignorance and we get pretty worked up about it, even if in your case it doesn't mean you're ignorant at all.

Once again, I apologize if my post insulted you in any way.

And as far as your wife's new UpLULA, it sounds like it works a little TOO well; maybe you should get rid of it! I mean, it's not like 9mm is easy to get these days.
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