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hooligan has it right. If you want copper removed, don't waste your time with Hoppe's, Shooter's Choice, Sweets, or Butch's Boreshine. Get the Boretech Eliminator. That'll get the copper that you THOUGHT you got with the Hoppe's. That said, I don't always want all the copper removed, so for light cleaning (carbon and a little copper) I'll use Shooter's Choice or Butch's.

And I suppose that I should mention that cleaning time and effort has a lot to do with the caliber you're shooting and the quality of the rifle bore. I can clean my Ruger Hawkeye 223 very quickly. It really doesn't foul that much. My Ruger 77V, in 220 Swift, with Douglas barrel gets pretty nasty pretty quick. It takes a bit more work for a thorough cleaning. Both barrels are in good shape, so I put the difference down to the 220 being a much more intense cartridge with a lot more powder being burned. And the 220 lays down a good bit more copper.
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