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Using the word "clip" instead of "magazine" bothers me because it is flat-out wrong and represents a level of complete ignorance about firearms.
OK, as the OP, I've patiently accepted the many remarks critical of my use of the word "clip" when I should have said "magazine". I've admitted I typed in haste and thanked everyone for their efforts to enlighten me. I was wrong. I stand corrected. I will endeavor to do better in the future.

Having said that, I think that saying my incorrect use of the word "magazine" puts me at a level of "complete ignorance about firearms" is a little harsh. It's pretty clear that incorrectly interchanging "clip" and "magazine" can cause the hairs on the backs of some ardent shooters to stand right up! Future posters, beware...

As for the question at hand, my wife loves her new UpLULA and yes, she did fire off a few more rounds at the range last week using it... What once was a ample stock of 9mm is now starting to look a bit depleted...
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