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Help with picking a new pump

So I'm starting a new job next month which means 1 thing: NEW TOYS! I was planning on a 357 but since there's no handgun ammo around imma pick up a new 12 gauge. Here's what I'm looking for preferably a 20 inch barrel, ghost rings, I'm thinking either a short LOP or a fixed A2 style stock, drilled and tapped for rail and side saddle. And it must be able to fire slugs. I like the Winchester but how is the aftermarket availability for it? I like the 870 over any mossberg. So right now it's between those 2 unless any of you shotty aficiodios can point me towards something better. Maybe a benelli? Max I don't wanna spend more than 600 and even that kinda breaks my heart for a shotgun. This is gonna be my fun in the backyard gun and I've had the urge to bag a whitetail here lately so it may head out in the woods with me too. Thanks guys
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