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That is one perspective. Another point of view is that I don't want them around my house where my small children play.
I understand your point. My kids are 48 and 46, and unfortunately or fortunately, however you look at it, grew up in city neighborhoods where even the common copperhead was very rarely seen. They were taught to watch where they stepped; but of course, little kids forget.

But some people just go irrational on seeing any snake and have to kill it. I understand it's a true phobia for many. I still recall many years ago when a friend of mine who held a job as a park naturalist for one of our state parks freaked while we were wading a stream, yelled, "Water moccasin!", and killed a beatiful, harmless banded water snake.

We don't have "water moccasins"--cottonmouths--east of far western Kentucky, or didn't then. They don't look anything like the banded snake. And I wondered if my friend was in the right job for him.
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