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I'm in the process of building one.

One important difference between the Lyman Alaskan,which I have,and the Weaver...

The Lyman is a 7/8 in tube.Folks,I promise there are more 1 in rings out there than there are 7/8 in rings.

It is also true,dollarfor dollar,you can get a Weaver for less money than a Lyman.

Over my lifetime,A Weaver K-4 was the go-to scope to put on all manner of hunting rifles.Once I was dragging an elk(with a friend) and my feet went out from under me.I was carrying my rifle slung.The scope hit a rock on the ground and the steel tube was dented.It did not loose zero,at least it still hit where it looked at about 100 yds.

All that said,This Lyman seems a sweet little scope.

Now,I guess I need to go see what I can do to my bolt handle to scope mod it.

Kraig,I don't know,but if you do take that on a hunt and if scope fogging is a concern,maybe some weld shop or weld supply shop or someone would have a bottle of compressed dry nitrogen .I would think a purge job could be done inside a clear plastic bag,like a trash bag.Leave the bag collapsed,minimal air,take the eyepiece off,slip the scope and receiver and eyepiece inside the bag with a nitrogen tube.

I'm looking forward to the range report!
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