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It seems polls frequently provide the results that the organization paying for the poll often want simply by the phrasing of the questions asked.

Do you favor background checks for gun purchases? Yes, but that is because in my state, prior to the NICs check, there was a waiting period to allow the state or local government to conduct a background check on the buyer. So the NICs check is far better in my opinion.

Do I favor background checks in addition completing Form 4473 on gun purchases? No

Prior to the NICs check being implemented, law enforcement would have a table at local gunshows to do an "instant" background check which would allow the gun buyer to take the gun home with them the same day. You paid for this service. The waiting period was not a "cooling off" period but time for governemnt to complete a backgound check. So, the check done was "instant" and legal.

TFL members are certainly better educated about the particulars of background checks and so forth. I don't think the NRA has anything to do with anything in that regard.
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