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I'll tell you what 88Scrat. You invite us all here on your thread out to Kansas during your M/L deer season and have a rather large farm for us to shoot on.__ (of course!!)__ I'm sure we'll all let you try each one of our rifles. That way you could say you've tried nearly all them brands at least once and preferred so & so's over all.___ And [email protected]> ___ if we were to do a little hunt'in while there and take a little somethin/somethin to fill our pick-up box with for the ride home. (Let's consider that someth'in/somethin each one of us harvested just a {little perk} for showing up) "How's that sound?"_ Are you game Sir. O~oo I got a couple nice rifles for you to try. Pahoo probably has a dozen or so to bring along since has hasn't all that far to travel like the rest of us do._
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