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Winchester warranty

I will not accept purchasing a rifle that that requires an explanation as in why don't my cases look like cases fired in all the rest of the new rifles. I purchased a Model 70 Winchester chambered in 300 Winchester magnum, it had the ugliest chamber in the world, Winchester instructed me to shoot it more, by the time I contacted them I had shot it 120 times, they wanted to hone, ream and or polish the chamber.

After shooting it 120 rounds nothing got prettier, I took it to the Warranty Smith in the area, I explained to him the problem, he advised me he had talked to Winchester and they had decided on a remedy, they were going to hone, polish and or ream, and I ask, nicely, "How is honing, polishing and or reaming going to make the chamber smaller?

Sure enough, I went to get my rifle back, it was not there, they, the warranty smith/shop had sent it to Winchester, and I ask, "WHY" and the warranty guy said the chamber was too big and nothing they did reduced the diameter and or length, And I ask him if it was his honing and or his polishing and or his reaming that made the chamber get large and he answered "The chamber was too large when it came in".

After that? It did not get better. I got the feeling Winchester was hoping I forgot I owned the rifle. I wanted a chamber that fit my dies, or I wanted a set of Winchester dies to fit their chamber. At about that time they decided I was impossible.

My suggestion to the new owner, return the rifle or remain a victim.

F. Guffey

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