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Originally Posted by globemaster3 View Post
Another option, should you have rail up front and not an A post frame, would be the offset BUIS. I've seen a couple rifles so equipped when using magnified optics. Optic fails, a slight 45 degree roll counterclockwise, and viola, BUIS. I've not actually shot that setup to see how I'd like it, but it seems good.
Yep. Instead of the 45 degree offset mounts and traditional BUIS, he could get a set of these like I plan on doing for my RRA with Zeiss 3x9 scope. They are going to take me a little while to save for but they seem to be the only one their kind.

I just found these cheap Airsoft ones. I wouldn't trust them but I guess they are only 10% the cost of the KAC's.

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