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I'm a little confused on the thoughts that the Bearcat is based on the Remington Pocket? My vintage Super Bearcat resembles a scaled down Colt SAA more than anything else. It certainly doesn't have a spur trigger nor an octagon barrel or a loading lever. My Bearcat holds six, has a spring ejector and cylinder removes the same way as a SAA. Size wise . . . the Bearcat is a little bigger perhaps but in design and looks?

I have a vintage Super Bearcat as well as a Heritage RR with a 4 3/4" barrel (and other CF SAAs as well). The Bearcat is scaled down and smaller than the RR. Mine is an easy carry and is fairly accurate. I wouldn't say that it would be ideal for someone with large hands but for me, it works fine and the ladies that have shot it seem to enjoy the size of it. The RR is a little bit larger and I love mine - accurate and for the price, is a great deal - I've had no problems with it. If you're looking for something small, you really need to handle different SAA like the Bearcat, RR, Single Six, etc. and see which fits and feels the best for you.

I like the looks of the Heritage RR with the 3 1/2" barrel and birdshead grips but some that have them say they aren't that accurate. All depends on what you are going to use it for and distances you are going to be shooting. I've read a number of threads from those that have the RR with the 6 1/2" barrels who really like them and have no problems it taking squirrels with them.
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