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In all my days.
Bout spit coffee out when I read that.....

Ya gotta admit, he seems to get the most out of his molds no matter which one he is, he's havin a ball doin it too.


looking at your cookie cutter in the other thread, got me wondering about the last batch I pan lubed. When I did them, I simply set the bullets into the holes which remained from my last batch. THen I set the pan on the hot plate on low until it had all melted in good around the bullets. What I used was a golf club handle that I measured and cut to just bigger than the bullets. It di an OK job, but it left plenty of lub around them that I had to keep cleaning off the sides of the sizer when I sized them.

So, I see you mentioned you sized first,( which I hadn't thought of), does that new cutter clean them off enough to be good for seating in the case? I mean when I size them in the Lee sizer, I know two things are going to come from it. One, some of the excess lube WILL get mashed into the grooves of the bullet, and two, what doesn't stay in the grooves will be cleaned off and the sides will be nice and clean when they pop out the top. Well pretty clean anyway.

I don't need to get the extra building up in the seating dies is what I am trying to avoid.

Oh and BTW, I am hopeful that I will be able to get up a pic of the MP 358-640's I loaded up for the 357 sometime today.
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