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Ben Dover posted
I have often wondered why it is so upsetting to some for a person to use clip/magazine interchangerably, when the same people will use rifle/carbine, automatic rifle/machinegun, cartridge/bullet and dozens of other terms incorrectly.
If those people are correcting people and still using incorrect terms themselves, I agree they're being a little ridiculous. But a "clip" and a "magazine" are distinctly different things, whereas two of the three examples you mentioned aren't.

A carbine is a type of rifle; there is no exact definition of the word carbine, other than a rifle with a short barrel.

And there is a lot of overlap between an automatic rifle and a machine gun.

Using the word "clip" instead of "magazine" bothers me because it is flat-out wrong and represents a level of complete ignorance about firearms.

If you refer to your automobile as your "wheels" or your motorcycle as your "Hawg" why get upset if someone calls his magazine a clip??
Because those two examples are just slang terms, whereas a clip is something different than a magazine.
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