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Sevens, thanks again for your assessment. You already helped me on similar subject in the other tread and I appreciate it very much. Indeed I am looking for a range gun which could also be a defense weapon if needed (hopefully not). I do not plan to carry a gun. I don't think I could in IL even if I wanted to, but I do not want to anyway.

I spent a fair amount of time on the range target shooting (guns similar to air soft) when I was a teen and then later shooting .22 caliber rifles back in Russia. Now as I am approaching mid life crisis I started going back to range, but this time revolver is my weapon of choice. So, indeed I am looking primarily for a range gun with superb accuracy and decent comfort.

As we discussed in the other topic it looks like that in .38/357 caliber either Model 66 or Model 19 should work best for me. I am starting to look into getting one. Mean time I will be on the range that has Models 66 and 686 rental next week. I'll compare them once again for a good measure :-)
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