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Switching the mag release and an M&P is about the most lefty friendly gun I could think of.

Like others have stated, ejection isn't an issue when shooting two handed with a handgun as the gun is going to be centered in front of your body, in the same position for both a right and left handed shooter. However with 1 handed shooting you might get tagged by some brass, but honestly in the heat of the moment situation that brass IF you even notice it hitting you, will not mean a thing, and if you have ever fired on a formal firing line, generally your getting hit by someone elses brass most of the time anyways.

I have short fingers and my first handgun was a HK USP, I got very used to using my trigger finger on the mag release vs my thumb, so even though I'm right handed, I switched my mag release on my own M&P to the "lefty" side to be able to use my trigger finger on it, which is much more comfortable.
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