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Finally made a decsion or pulled the trigger.

I finally pulled the trigger and ordered one. I read the replies here and on other threads on this forum. When I originally posted this thread, my intent was not to start the big debate and disagreements, however, thank you for all the replies.
I ordered a Smith and Wesson M&P40 compact.
My reasons were; information on this site, a-lot of my co-workers all have 40's and love them, some have multiple 40's and swear by them. I got the compact, becuase I can only hold 10 rounds here in California, why get a full size that can hold more, when I can only hold 10. Plus all my current pistols are full size, I do not own any compacts.
So I paid 30% and I am on the list when one comes in.
I would eventually like to own both but, can only afford to get one for now.

Thanks again for the imput and advice

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