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I feel bad for you OP.

A lot of armchair commandos and Monday morning quarterbacks are haggling you.

I know you came on here and posted that to see what people would think. I hope you know you'll always be criticized.

Like in LE. You have a split second decision to make and when people who appear after the fact can look at it in a thousand different angles and have days, weeks, months, years to decide what would have been a "better" move.

I see it as that. I see that in the end you did everything you felt was right at the time. No shots fired. Everyone went home. You did well by me, in that moment.

Don't take these comments to heart. Some are just trying to help, some are saying what they think they would have done. No one knows for sure because nothing is black and white. No incident is the same as the previous or next.

-rant off-

Give the guy a break.
Sounds right to Me, Constantine.

We live in Florida, you put your life in your hands when you aggressively approach a vehicle you have cut off!

I am 77 YOA, boxing some one is not going to happen. I have a great ear piece in my left ear, against the window. Press a button, say Police, it dials 911.

A Glock 19 sits under my shirt. Or I am in uniform, armed. I drive a marked Security Jeep. Reflective tape all over it.

I have lived in Orlando for ten years, no problems with anyone whilst driving.

Our biggest problem here, is dodging the tourists!
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