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When I was fresh out of boot camp I was stationed at the Navy Seabee base at Davisville, RI. Shortly after, I was appointed grenadier on my fire team and was issued a M79 grenade launcher. The first day at the range there was a rock cliff about 100 yards away with a big target painted on it. With the flip-up sight set for 100 yards, the gun looked pointed waaayy too high, and I thought something was wrong, so I flipped it down and leveled it and took a shot. The round went about 30 yards and hit the dirt and exploded, blowing up a cloud of dust and dirt right in front of us. After a few choice words, the range boss ripped the launcher out of my hands, popped in a round, flipped up the sight and scored a bullseye. Then shoved it into my chest yelling his favorite words, "There's nothing wrong with this weapon!'.
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