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No sir, the one on my rifle is a Weaver K 2.5 with tapered post. And yes there are much better scopes but this is the one is legal, and what I was able to locate around here.

I'm not worrying about fogging as I'll only use it for the CMP GSM matches so I doubt fogging will be a problem.

I'm not worried about the lower power of the Weaver, I've shot a ton of High Power Matches using Iron Sights. The Vintage Sniper match is fired at 300 and 600, the tapered post on this 2.5 power scope wont be that much of a disadvantage.

It can't be any worse then the 2.2 M-84s we used on the Garand's when I was running sniper schools for the Guard.

As to the Mosin.................I don't think so. Springfields dominate the GSM Vintage Sniper Matches.

As non-snipers the Springfields has it's own match, and the scores on the average are higher then the Military Match Scores (where the Mosin's are used) and even a bit higher then the Garand Match Scores.

I said it's only for the CMP games but it may be added to the list for deer hunting, again, in the dry Wyoming air, I'm not worried about fogging.
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