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I gotta disagree with some of the ole wives tales above.
The AR bolt design with its multiple concentric locking lugs is every bit the equal or superior to a two lug bolt action design. The AR design barrel is easily free floated & many if not most are free floated.
No epoxy bedding or pillar bedding is needed or used with the AR design.
Superb triggers are readily available from multiple vendors,
an AR style .308 that will do >.5 MOA at 100 yards. You can probably get that out of a $1500 bolt gun with a little work on it.
My AR's shoot as well as my best bolt rifles, but there are other considerations. A budget AR is in the $700 range, There are $300 out of the box bolt rifles that will shoot .5 MOA as well as $1500-$2500 AR's.

Don't get me wrong. Not saying Semi's cannot be very accurate. I own, like and use AR's quite a bit. I'm often amazed at the accuracy potential. Just that it is still cheaper and easier to get there with a bolt gun. And the fact that a bolt gun will function with ammo that would not cycle through a semi is a consideration for me as a handloader. Both have their place.
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