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Jimdandy, if we go down the pathway of universal checks, then these laws do make more sense.
I think I see where we are disagreeing though, you see the argument that these people will just simply step around the restrictions as a much more unlikely thing than I do.
I've had a lot of experience with addicts and the Mentally ill. 20 years in nursing, as well as immediate family members with serious problems. After that much experience I just don't see reasonable restrictions stopping those type of folks.
It takes pretty drastic measures just to slow them down in my experience.
At that point it just doesn't make sense to take what seem to be sensible mild measures.

Now throw the time and effort into our scary broken mental health system you might have some shot at stopping these folks. Overhaul it completely with hard questions asked and answered with hard solutions you might very well have a shot at drastically reducing the problem.

If I ask you if you want to spend weeks in an inpatient facility with monitoring and outpatient treatment mandatory afterwards or I can let you go and you will become a mass murdering suicidal maniac, if you're sane which alternative do you choose? We fail the person doing the shooting first, then the others die over our lack of resolve and the restrictions that come with the current rules.

If we decide that there is too much loss of freedom (those fourth through sixth amendment problems mentioned)to solve this statistically small problem,
then we've made that decision and it is what is so we go on.
In my opinion common sense, low level, gun restrictions do nothing to address the root issues and problems.
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