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They polled people in NJ, PA, and VA only.
The poll responses if reported accurately do not reflect "America", but politicians can quote and reference this poll all day long to justify their attempt to restrict 2A rights.

What I always wondered is if UBCs likely had no to little effect on crime, why would anyone support them? ... because it sounds good.... you must be checked out to buy or own a firearm. ..same as you need to take a test to get a drivers license.... We don't want any more crazies walking around toting their guns.... "Crazies".... the bill didn't even address that issue? Makes no sense. It only makes sense from the perspective that the government wants to control its citizens.

The problem that I see it that there is so much distrust in government these days whether it be about guns, 2A rights, voting preferences, poverty, etc. The distrust is refected in polls... a good example... how many thing Congress is doing a good job? (Something like 15% as I recall). How many suppport you Congressmen and Senators from your state... much much higher...

The second accused Boston bomber was caught and Fox was already asking how the FBI gave their approval the two suspects (one deceased, and one in the hospital). It is so easy to slip by the system unless they have their attention focused on YOU for whatever reason.
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