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Polls have no validity. It depends on where they are taken and who is contacted. This poll here shows almost 25% would lie and 40% would not answer. If they mark a refused to answer as an answer that the taker wants (like no answer meas yes to gun control) then the answers are skewed. If you take a poll in downtown Manhattan it will be different than if you took it outside a Farm & Feed store in rural America. Where did the calling list originate? Registered voters? Registered Democrats? 18-25 year old college students? Totally random? Does anyone here believe a totally random selection? I don't. Whoever sponsors the polls gets their list of who to call somewhere and I have no faith in the list. Polls are meaningless.

We can have a poll here of who owns guns and use that for an agenda. What do you think the results would be? 99% of people are gun owners?
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