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All around best 308 battle rifle

That's what I wanted also and after lot's of research that's what I got. But it isn't cheap.

1. It has 20" barrel for long range shooting.
2. It has a piston so it runs clean and cool. And if you drop it in the water it won't explode in your face.
3. It is NP3 coated so it needs no cleaning and no lubrication.
4. It shoots sub MOA at 100 yards 6 to 8" at 300 yards.
5. It has a gas plug that is adjustable for use with a suppressor.
6. I attached a Swarovski Z6 5-30 x 50 scope.

It is a POF (Patriot Ordnance Factory) and this is what it look like:

I've heard good things about the SCAR 17S but it is only available with a 16" barrel, not to mention that it is ridiculesly priced. To me a 308 with a 16" barrel is an oxymororn. The 308 is a long range bullet and you loose too much velocity/accuracy with a 16" barrel.
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