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Thanks Bob!
I almost enjoy talking about em as much as I do calling em! Almost!

Have only been chasing them for a few years I am still learning.
So far I have learned that a full grown coyote coyote can just materialize in the middle of the field you are straining your eyes on! Hence the shotgun to every stand!
I have learned that it is possible to call in more coyotes the you have shells in your gun! Hence the extra mag on my belt for the rifle and 9 extra rounds in the stock sleeve.
I have learned that coyotes are not the predators you can encounter while out in the woods! Hence the S&W M&P on my hip at all times!
It is a bit cliche but my wife, after seeing the amount of ammo and weapons I carry hunting with me, asked me "what are you worried about running into!"

Of course I replied, "nuttin now"!
~ "JJ"
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