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Different situation

Part of the issue here is the frequency you have in mind. If I go to my range 15 times a year I'll feel like I made my money back, even better if I bring a couple guests and introduce some newcomers to shooting.

You on the other hand are looking for a one time necessity to sight in so those prices seem unreasonable for your intended use.

I've met those that are distinctly "hunters" and "shooters" and less frequently those that fall into both categories. Since I currently fall more into the "shooter" category I have wondered how hunters can stand to only shot a few rounds to sight in before seasons starts - and miss the real fun the rest of the year

This may not be applicable to sighting in but you may not want to throw out the idea of such a membership. When I was in college the nearest range without membership requirement was 2 hours away or else I would have frequented it more. The greater issue in my opinion is time management and priority. You could raise the money if you really wanted to (several friends chip in, part time job, save for several months) so it could happen if you think that's for the best. My friends asked me to eat out about at least once every weekend.
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