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Yes, buy factory refurbed.

Lots of dental supply places have factory refurbs. I bought mine which is a bit 1.5 gallon Stullersonic unit factory refurbed for around $500. It retails for over $2000!

Some idiot run it dry and killed it so the factory refurbed it and sold it as used. They had smaller ones for $300 that were one gallon ones but I took the biggest they had and a heater and timer.

I can drop up to a 6" revolver completely in it. For my 8" revolvers I just do "halves". Pretty much any of my semis is a dunk it and walk away.

Mine is powerful and loud. I wear earphones when working by it. Guns come out "surgically" clean. It is putzy, takes 30 minutes per gun (15 for cleaning 15 for water displacing lube) but it works. I run only Mpro7 in mine and L&R gun oil. What really hurts is buying Mpro7 by the gallon! Yikes!
10mm and 357sig, the best things to come along since the 38 super!
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