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Salmoneye, the reaction described in the OP isn't that unusual, and it says nothing about whether this woman can learn to shoot, do so safely, and enjoy it, with proper instruction.

Here's just one example, which also points to some of the reasons why some women have this kind of reaction:
Originally Posted by Tom Servo View Post
I've taught a few women who've been victimized....

The worst was a woman who'd been raped on her way home one night. She was trembling like a leaf, and her husband was (almost literally) dragging her in for lessons. He was doing all the talking, and she wouldn't even make eye contact.

He was very aggressive and he acted as if he was affronted somehow by the whole situation. According to him, she didn't need therapy, she needed to learn to "fight back." I ended up declining.

I've had women come in who seemed fine on the surface, then broke into tears on the range. Each time, it sends a chill up my spine. The worst part is that they almost always articulate some sense of shame that they "can't handle it," or that they'll be seen as weak. The last thing they need is someone who bullies them through it.
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