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Originally Posted by johnwilliamson062

Why is it I can't but a 223 bolt, 223 barrel, and put it into any receiver that can handle equal recoil? -

[See below]

Why is it an AR upper can be made of polymer but a steel 1895 Steyr can't handle the pressure? -

At least four reasons:

1) AR bolts lock into the barrel / most bolt-action rifle's bolts do not - they lock into receiver abutments.

2) The steels of about 120 years ago (1895) is in no way the equal of today's modern steel alloys.

3) Although some older rifle's receivers were hardened, not all were, and some that were supposed to be, were done hap-hazzardly.

4) There is NO practical way to find out what undue stress may have been placed on an older BA rifle in the past 100-odd years, that may cause unseen issues with the metal and/or bolt fitment.

The first time an old rifle's metal fails could very well be the NEXT time YOU fire it.

I hope that helps.

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