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I used to think Ruger made Japanese Luger knock-offs. (no joke)
Same here. I thought the same thing.

I bought my first centerfire rifle the day I got out of the Navy in 1965. It was a Winchester Model 70 .225 varmint rifle. I bought a Lyman All American 8X scope and a Marbles base that had the little eccentric bushing in front for gross windage errors.

The guy mounted the scope and did the best he could to bore sight the scope but I was clueless what to do next.

Never could hit squat with it until I got married in 1969 and one of the ROTC instructors at Washington University took pity on me. We lived in a small town in Illinois and he took me out and posted a target and got the gun sighted in. I killed my first groundhog with that gun.

I honestly had no clue about adjusting the eccentric bushing and what all the little hashmarks on the turrets meant.

I have learned a lot since then.

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