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I was at the range yesterday and a friend of mine showed up with a heavy barrel DPMS LR308. I have one also but mine does not have the heavy barrel.

The range gunsmith built his trigger and while I have a pretty good trigger in mine (Timney), the one he had in his gun was the best I have ever seen.

He was shooting 168 gr. handloads and powder was 4895. I don't remember how much. He was getting it sighted in at 50 yards and had a 4 or 6 power Weaver scope on the gun.

He spotted a fairly small black rock at the 100 yard berm and asked me to spot for him. One shot and blew it to smithereens.

He asked me if I wanted to try the rifle and I did.

Seven shots into one ragged hole is not proof of performance at 100 yards but I was pleased with the gun. I could have done better if I had dry fired the gun first. The trigger really goosed me when it broke. . .

I shoot milsurp in mine and I have an EoTech red dot sight on it and it is no problem to ring the 300 yard gong.

We can't put paper targets up beyond 200 yards where I shoot unless you are on the high power range, so I am limited that way.

There is no question though, the LR308 shoots pretty darn good.

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