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I gotta disagree with some of the ole wives tales above.
The AR bolt design with its multiple concentric locking lugs is every bit the equal or superior to a two lug bolt action design. The AR design barrel is easily free floated & many if not most are free floated.
No epoxy bedding or pillar bedding is needed or used with the AR design.
Superb triggers are readily available from multiple vendors, Geissele is a fine example.
Barrel changing or purchasing for top grade is easy and can be done with simple hand tools - no gunsmith needed, no chamber reaming, fitting needed, they come from the maker ready to go to your spec.
The accuracy from an AR design is excellent. I have three, all are sub moa, two are sub 1/2moa.
There must be a reason that the AR is essentially the only rifle on the line at high power matches.
Finally, adaptability. If you don't like your AR the way you built it or bought it, you can easily change virtually every part of it to conform to your new desire. Try that with your bolt gun.

Trigger control + Breath control + Sight alignment = Gun Control.
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