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Door to door grid search's by LE are nothing new when looking for criminals. Especially in this set of circumstance's.

With respect, instead of focusing on the job LE did in this situation(which IMO was exemplary) don't you feel our attention would be better focused on the constitutionality of the restrictive gun laws in Mass.

I know had I been a resident in that area ( especially if I had my family living with me) while these two terrorist were at large I would not want the government dictating to me what kind of gun , how many rounds of ammo or how big of magazine/clip I was aloud to have to defend my family in case the terrorist came calling to my home for a place of refuge.

Too, since this same terrorist situation could happen anywhere in the U.S. in the future, I hope our gov'n. is considering this whilst they are so feverishly working and have promised further disarmament of the law abiding American people.
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